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Useful Information

  • Pass port & VISA
    Pass port & VISA

    Posting date: 27-08-2015 - View: 1374

    The useful information about passport & VISA may help you to have a more convenient process to get in our country

  • Currency

    Posting date: 27-08-2015 - View: 1214

    The official currency in Vietnam is Dong, the exchange rates at the airport approximately is 22 350 VND to the US Dollar.

  • Suggested Itinerary
    Suggested Itinerary

    Posting date: 27-08-2015 - View: 1286

    If this was the first time you‘ve come to Vietnam, we would like to recommend you an itinerary with the famous palaces of each city or destination that you can refer.

  • Transportation

    Posting date: 27-08-2015 - View: 1608

    Excluded the plane, foreign tourists can choose many different ways to your intended destinations in Vietnam: cyclo, train, bus, boat, xe om or taxi.



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